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Daily Inspiration

Let every day be filled with uplifting thoughts. Here is inspiration for today, September 21, 2017:

    Link Yourself with an Unlimited Capacity by Swami Satchidananda

    Your destiny is your own creation. It’s because you’re the master of your destiny, and you did it, that you can always undo it. When you have the capacity to do something, don’t you have the capacity to undo it? So trust in that capacity, and then go forward. Sincerity in seeking comes only when you know that you have a limited capacity. Then you link yourself with an unlimited capacity. Asking for help also is like that. Only when you say, “I can’t do it anymore, please help me,” does the help come. Sometimes God seems to be hard-hearted. God waits until you really, really give up.…… Read more

    Nirvikalpa Samadhi by Swami Sivananda

    The state of samadhi is beyond the reach of mind and speech. Even in worldly experience, you cannot express taste. You cannot express the taste of an apple to one who has not tasted it, nor can you explain the nature of colour to a blind man. The state of samadhi is all joy bliss and peace; this much only can be said. One has to feel this for himself. In samadhi or the superconscious state, the meditator loses his individuality and becomes identical with the supreme self. He becomes an embodiment of bliss, peace and knowledge. So much only can be said. This can be experienced by…… Read more

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Rare Photo Gallery

collage of rare images of Swami SatchidanandaIn honor of the anniversary of the August 19, 2002 mahasamadhi: a gallery of rare, historic photos of Sri Swami Satchidananda. A collection of 108+ rare and historic photos of Swami Satchidananda may now be viewed on this site.

These are scans of old photos, some of which have been damaged or darkened over time. In time, this collection will grow and the photos will be restored.

Talk of the Day

A new talk every day:

  • The Knower by Swami Satchidananda

    There is an eternal silent entity within us all. And that is what you call the “silent witness” or the “Knower.” The scriptures talk about that as the eternal witness. That is the light in you, or the Self in you, or the Atman. It doesn’t talk or do anything—it just is. And that is what you call “God.” It is due to our own limitations that we say, “God did this, God did that, blessed me, or punished me.” God never blesses or punishes. God just is. Still, we tend to say, “God created the world, God sustains the…… Read more

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Listen to Master Teachers - Audio Files

Recording of the Guided Meditation

By Dada J.P. Vaswani

Recordings of the guided meditation given by Dada J.P. Vasawani at the Yoga Camp in New Jersey in May 2016 are now available. All the camp participants may pick up a copy on CD from the center where they registered for the camp–IYI NY, Yogaville, or IYI NJ. Each will receive an email from that center with the detailed instructions about how to get the recordings.

Thoughts of a Seeker

A Seeker shares his thoughts.  Click on the playlist icon on the right end of the controller below. For more on these subjects, order one of the many Free Books. You may also easily download the audio file in order to listen off-line.


The Bhagavad Gita

Enjoy listening to this audio recording of “Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell,” read by Prema Pandurang. Click on the playlist icon on the right end of the controller below.  You may also easily download the audio file in order to listen off-line.