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Talking About Yourself

Normally, when people only talk about themselves we think they are self-centered, egoistic, and consumed with themselves. It’s true if you talk only about your possessions, accomplishments or your connections to celebrities. Then, you are just wasting your precious words. It is different when you talk about your connection with God, your experiences from within, the peace and joy in your life, spreading the teachings of Saints who have enhanced your life. Truly speaking, everything comes only from what we can grasp. Talking about others and other things are of no use, as we have not experienced them. We just know our own circle of life. Stick with it as long as you express it with humility. Satish Daryanani

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Let every day be filled with uplifting thoughts. Here is inspiration for today, August 5, 2021:

    Accept It and Seek Help by Swami Satchidananda

    Illness can be karmic; the reaction to your past actions. The best way to deal with that is to know that it is your past karma that has brought this. Pray sincerely, “God, let me accept this and do whatever I can to clean it up.” It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek help from others. Accept the illness and seek help. The mere acceptance will take away half the pain of the illness. The illness becomes painful when you deny it, when you don’t want it. So, accepting the karmic reaction is an important thing. But sometimes people don’t have the proper understanding and they say, “Oh,… Read more

    Tapas by Swami Sivananda

    That which purifies the impure mind is tapas. That which regenerates the lower animal nature and generates divine nature is tapas. That which cleanses the mind and destroys lust, anger, greed etc., is tapas. That which destroys tamas (dullness) and rajas (impurity) and increases satva (purity) is tapas. That which steadies the mind and fixes it on the eternal is tapas. That which arrests the outgoing tendencies, destroys vasana (habits), egoism, raga-dvesha (likes and dislikes) and generates dispassion, discrimination and meditation is tapas. This is the third limb of niyama (discipline) in raja yoga. It is one of the three items of kriya (dynamic) yoga. Tapas means austerity… Read more

Talk of the Day

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  • The Knower by Swami Satchidananda

    There is an eternal silent entity within us all. And that is what you call the “silent witness” or the “Knower.” The scriptures talk about that as the eternal witness. That is the light in you, or the Self in you, or the Atman. It doesn’t talk or do anything—it just is. And that is what you call “God.” It is due to our own limitations that we say, “God did this, God did that, blessed me, or punished me.” God never blesses or punishes. God just is. Still, we tend to say, “God created the world, God sustains the…

Rare Photo Gallery

In honor of the anniversary of the August 19, 2002 mahasamadhi: a gallery of rare, historic photos of Sri Swami Satchidananda. A collection of 108+ rare and historic photos of Swami Satchidananda may now be viewed on this site.

These are scans of old photos, some of which have been damaged or darkened over time. In time, this collection will grow and the photos will be restored.

collage of rare images of Swami Satchidananda

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