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The easiest prayer is, “Thank you, God.” We celebrate the day of Thanksgiving once a year but it is the one celebration that is not needed. I cannot think of one day that is not a day of Thanksgiving for me. The only difference is that it is a holiday. We eat more and watch three football games. Being vegetarian, I can’t even eat turkey. This year we can mix with people more than last year and can thank God for getting back our freedom. If you close your eyes you will thank God for not letting you be the same person you were last year. Every Thanksgiving, look back at yourself and see the difference that is taking place within you. That crazy person from last year is dead and thank God for that. Satish Daryanani

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    Most Important Sadhana by Swami Sivananda

    Man is a mixture of three ingredients. These are the human element, the brutal instinct, and the divine ray. He is endowed with a finite intellect, a perishable body, a little knowledge, and a little power. This makes him distinctly human. Lust, anger, and hatred belong to his brutal nature. The reflection of cosmic intelligence is at the back of his intellect. So he is an image of God. When the brutal instincts die, when this ignorance is rent asunder, when he is able to bear insult and injury, then he becomes one with the divine. A thirsting aspirant is one who practises self-denial. He always tries to… Read more

    Never Forget a Good Act by Swami Satchidananda

    There’s a beautiful saying in the Thirukkural: “We should never forget a good act that has been done to us.” At the same time, it talks about the act that we should forget. That is the one that is not so good, the one that might have hurt us. We should forget it immediately. We shouldn’t even remember it for the next hour. Then we will not have anybody as an enemy. Why do we call someone an enemy? Because we remember the harm that might have been done to us. If we forget it, there won’t be any enemy, is it not so? Enemies are created by… Read more

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  • The Knower by Swami Satchidananda

    There is an eternal silent entity within us all. And that is what you call the “silent witness” or the “Knower.” The scriptures talk about that as the eternal witness. That is the light in you, or the Self in you, or the Atman. It doesn’t talk or do anything—it just is. And that is what you call “God.” It is due to our own limitations that we say, “God did this, God did that, blessed me, or punished me.” God never blesses or punishes. God just is. Still, we tend to say, “God created the world, God sustains the…

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