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When you are tired and able to sleep without sleeping pills, that’s priceless. If you have a healthy appetite and can digest your food properly, that, too, is priceless. If, while you are waiting for a drawbridge to close or waiting for an elevator or even taking a shower, you can bring your awareness to the serenity within, that is beyond priceless. Your net worth is not what you see in your financial statement, but what you experience when your eyes are closed. You can see your wealth whenever you want to. It is always within you and after you discover it, if someone Googles you, your net worth will show as Infinite. — Satish Daryanani

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    How Many People Go to Jerusalem for a Picnic? by Swami Satchidananda

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    Everything can be a pilgrimage. Even going from this building to the next building can become a pilgrimage. Yes. It’s all in your attitude. Unfortunately, you only call it a pilgrimage when you travel to a holy place because that’s the only time you feel that way. It’s the feeling that makes it a pilgrimage. How many people go to Jerusalem for a picnic? Just because it’s a holy city, that doesn’t mean everyone who goes there is on a pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is in the mind. If you could create the same attitude even while going around your own city, it would be a pilgrimage. If you go… Read more

    Immortal Abode by Swami Sivananda

    There, the Brahman dwells by Himself; There, He sits without support; There, there is neither day nor night; There, there is neither virtue nor vice; There, there is neither light nor dark; There, the sun and moon do not rise; There, pain and suffering do not enter; There, death cannot blow his trumpet; There, hunger and disease cannot torment; There, nobody sleeps or wakes. It is a city of deathlessness. It is the abode of fearlessness. It is the seat of eternal bliss. It is Brahma Nirvāna or Paramāmgati. Sivananda says: “Meditate on Brahman, on the spot Were the Ganges and the Jumna meet; And rest peacefully, for… Read more

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  • The Knower by Swami Satchidananda

    There is an eternal silent entity within us all. And that is what you call the “silent witness” or the “Knower.” The scriptures talk about that as the eternal witness. That is the light in you, or the Self in you, or the Atman. It doesn’t talk or do anything—it just is. And that is what you call “God.” It is due to our own limitations that we say, “God did this, God did that, blessed me, or punished me.” God never blesses or punishes. God just is. Still, we tend to say, “God created the world, God sustains the…

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In honor of the anniversary of the August 19, 2002 mahasamadhi: a gallery of rare, historic photos of Sri Swami Satchidananda. A collection of 108+ rare and historic photos of Swami Satchidananda may now be viewed on this site.

These are scans of old photos, some of which have been damaged or darkened over time. In time, this collection will grow and the photos will be restored.

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