A WhatsApp message I received today showed me the returns I might have made in this past decade had I had invested in various instruments. One of the best returns was from Bitcoin. It got me thinking about what kind of returns I got from the time I spent going within. It beat Bitcoin by a landslide. I only invested a few hours in silence each day and, thanks to that, the person who I was a decade ago has changed so much. All the wrong notions I used to hold about life have shrunk, like so many junk bonds. Fortunately, there is no tax penalty in letting go of selfish ideas. What I gained from inner exploration are riches of peace and clarity that are, to me, priceless. Investing a little by studying spiritual ideas and sitting silently until one can clearly hear the Inner Guide pays off better than a lifetime of listening to pundits who sound off about how to gain in the material world. — Satish Daryanani