Many places advertise, “We are at your service twenty-four hours, seven days a week.” Some people say that, too, but when I call them, they are fast asleep. It is hard to make this commitment. We need time to rest and relax. Even to make this commitment to God is not simple. We mostly end up forgetting Him. So, what commitment can you make 24/7? Only one. I will always be happy. Nothing will disturb my peace. My actions during the day can change, but not me. Sometimes people might see me act upset or tough. This is required for the world but, inside, I am the same. I pray 24/7 to be free from this asylum, wanting to be only with my Beloved. Stuck 24/7 with my crazy mind, I wonder how God has not given up on me. 24/7 my mind is constantly looking for things to entertain me. I get bored very easily, so I look for the smallest thrills in life to get my juices flowing. So, Lord, you are there for me 24/7. Let me never worry, knowing this fact. — Satish Daryanani

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