Many credit cards have a three- or four-digit security code, which is requested by vendors to make sure that the credit card is really in your possession. Even James Bond has a code—007. The Devil’s security code is 666. What is God’s security code? The answer is 000. We should all become nothing, just three dots, not even the space occupied by a zero. Becoming nothing is easier than you think. For example, having a secure government job vs. owning and running your own business. One has fixed pay, health benefits, and a retirement plan. The other has risks, high rewards or losses, and major ups and downs in life. It is the same in life. Choose to be nothing and serve the Lord, where your needs, but not greed, are taken care of, or take everything on your shoulders and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Neither gives you everything. Now, all that the Lord gives, or whatever you get on your own, is yours. So, you should not own a business or only work for the government. You can run a business being just a secretary to the real Big Boss. All your thoughts and actions are offerings to the Lord. Your 3-digit code of nothingness awakens the real you. Then you get the license to kill your ego. Life only begins once you are completely awake. — Satish Daryanani

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