In Islam, Friday is a holiday, kept for God. In Judaism, Saturday is God’s day, and in Christianity, Sunday is kept for God. We keep this one day to think of God with prayer and with gratitude. Some do good deeds on this day or spend time with their families and rest. Others go for movies, shopping, and night clubs. So, God gets one special day. Those that follow the path of spirituality do not get a holiday. Their lives are the same every day. If you are working, resting, partying, serving, or doing your duties, it is one and the same. Everything is an offering to the Lord. So, going to a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or a night club is all the same. The awareness of the divine is within you. Your actions or inactions do not change your relationship with the Lord. For example, while doing anything in life, you are breathing. Your breathing varies depending on your actions, yet the action of breathing is taking place. Now, if you are always aware of the breath, does it matter what you do? If the awareness of the breath changes to the awareness of the Lord, then every moment is for God. So, if you exercise your breath versus resting,  or sit in the house of God versus in a night club, the awareness cannot change. However, having no awareness of God does not happen. When your parents force you to go one day a week to God’s house, it is to build your relationship, and not to be stuck doing only that for the rest of your life. Once a week leads to every second of your life. — Satish Daryanani