A few days ago, it was the third anniversary of my spiritual Master leaving his body. I was happy and sad at the same time—happy as he was no longer suffering in his human form and sad because I would miss my friend. I was thinking about the influence he had on my life. He taught me about humility, which is impossible for me to attain. He told me to speak sweetly but, it is impossible when customers are late with their payments or do not pay me. He told me to see God in everyone, which is hard to do in Miami Beach. He asked me to forgive but, that is not possible with those who push my buttons. He wanted me to spread the teachings but, thank God, did not tell me to follow them. In short, I think he wasted all his time with me, as there has been no major change in me. The only thing worthwhile in our relationship was that we both laughed and entertained ourselves. I was lost in darkness and he was giving meaning to his life by showing me the path towards self discovery. My beloved Master, thank you for the wonderful memories and your patience to put up with someone like me. — Satish Daryanani