In sports, sometimes a referee can make the wrong call and the team can lose. The players and fans get upset and feel they got robbed of the chance to win the championship. It can happen in your career, a person less deserving than you gets a promotion. A person of less faith and godliness can see God. A dumb person like me is chosen to write these thoughts. An innocent person can get a death penalty. You feel there is no justice in this world. Is God unfair? Many times, He loses a lot of customers because of that. To understand the Lord’s method is hard especially if you are on the losing side of His actions. How can you realize that this is for your good when there is anger within you? Only time will tell. The Lord is too wise to make a mistake and too loving to punish. We know this and yet, when the pain of injustice happens, it is hard to believe that. You have two choices: Fight and get upset, or know that injustice can be used to change the rules and regulations so that, in the future, others do not have to face the same results. You become the guinea pig. Faith is not easy. Those who go through these tests and still maintain their faith are the ones who become the Lord’s favorites. — Satish Daryanani

Cartoon of an angry referee