When the parents of a boxer are watching their child fight in the ring, they can send love, prayers, and blessings. They are watching their child get beaten up, yet they cannot do anything. They feel more pain in their hearts than the physical pain felt by the child. They are helpless, as the child chose to be a boxer. If a child takes a lot of alcohol, drugs, smokes a lot, or gambles and loses all their money, the parents feel the pain. Similarly, God, our real parent, feels all the pain from our actions. We make the choices in our lives, as freedom is given to His children. Yet, we blame God for all our hurdles. If we did not study hard and our careers are not going our way, we blame God. We do not eat, think correctly, or exercise and, when health problems come, we blame God. We spend too much and do not have savings, and we blame God. Poor God already suffers from our stupid actions and still gets blame from the results of all that we do. That is double pain to God. Just keep in mind that all the suffering you go through, God is suffering more than you. So use your choice of freedom well, so your parent suffers less. — Satish Daryanani

Two boxers, bloody nose