For a common person, spirituality comes last in their list of priorities. There are other important matters like food, health, family, friends, and trying to satisfy their insatiable appetite for their desires. Spirituality can wait till one gets very old. In the meantime, we read scriptures and do not question it’s contents. They are taken for granted as the truth. Hence, as years pass, untruths get established as the truth. Living with ignorance, suddenly, common people can decide to discover themselves. They expect immediate answers, as they have gotten used to getting everything instantly. If they do not get it, they get confused, as all that was true to them is now an illusion. They get frustrated and go back to the original way of thinking. Not being a member of a herd is difficult. Everything is different and you cannot share with others, as they will think you are crazy. So be a common person from outside and have a wicked smile, with knowing what is true. — Satish Daryanani