A farmer goes to sleep and dreams he is a king. Or, is it a king sleeping and dreaming that he is a farmer? Which one is real? That is why, when we are asked who we are, we do not have an answer. Are we the names by which we are called, human beings, souls, spirits, God’s reflections, or other entities? It is confusing. Are we the ones who are in this dream, or are we the ones witnessing the dream? Am I the one writing this thought, or am I the one experiencing the thought? Am I the creator of this thought, or am I the one reading this thought? We are so many and, yet are no one. We are the one, and we are in everyone. So, let’s make it simple: Till we experience the true self, we are a bundle of God’s energy on this earth plane to enjoy every part of the expression of God’s creativity. We will not limit ourselves with anything. We will be open to the vastness of this dream world. — Satish Daryanani