I used to wonder why God did not bless us with a glimpse of all that is within us so we can be inspired to go within. Then He can take it away when we see how wonderful it is. Today the answer came: Suppose a beggar on the street is given a day to live like a billionaire with private jets, yachts, and all the luxuries a billionaire has. Then take it all away and tell the beggar, “If you work hard all this can come to you.” For the rest of his life, the beggar will be miserable. Even if he gets enough food for the day, nothing will make him happy unless he gets to be a billionaire again. Similarly, if we get a glimpse of the ecstasy within, nothing will make us happy unless we experience it daily. So, spiritual Masters and saints are created to inspire us and to show us what it is to live in this ecstasy permanently. We put in all our efforts but, based on karmic laws, we cannot all enjoy being billionaires. The ecstasy from within is accessible to all of us. No karmic laws limit us. See the faces of those that live in this ecstasy permanently. All I can say is that it is much, much better than what you can imagine it to be. — Satish Daryanani