When a business owner makes a profit, pays the suppliers on time, and does not cheat his customers, the employees are happy. When the same person does everything in the same manner and, unfortunately, does not make a profit, he is considered to be a bad businessman. As long as your principles are correct, bad and good are not in your hands. The economic situation is not in your hands. You have done everything as an offering to the Lord. You have put yourself in the shoes of the suppliers, landlord, employees, creditors, and customers. There is no guilt in your actions. Then the ups and downs of your life are meaningless. The Lord tests us all to see our reactions. If you have only success, God has given up on you. You can only progress through challenges. So, if things are good in your life, do your best to be perfect. If things are bad, the world will help you—as you are a person of character, a person of honor. You do not run from your problems but face them. So, if someone gives you credit for being an amazing business person, please tell them, “It is grace, as all my stars are aligned correctly. I conducted all my business practices in a way that would not displease my Master. It is for His business that this secretary, treasurer, gets a nice paycheck. — Satish Daryanani