Today is Good Friday, but everyday is good. This weekend is even closer to my heart than Christmas. It is the day when the world got a chance to get the teachings from the source. There is such a variety pack of teachings to choose from. Many religions originated from these teachings. My favorite one is to realize that we are all an image of God. We do not have to be good, do a lot of austerities, put in a lot effort, or do service. We just have to realize this simple truth. If we are an image of God then we are a reflection of all the good stuff. How hard is that to understand? Yet we suffer because we think we are not good enough. We are the image and we cannot change or do anything about it. If someone does not like this image, blame the source from which this image came from. Now you are free. If others see the good, the bad, and the ugly within you, it is because the source messed up. See, I do not have to change myself. I truly love this simple teaching. — Satish Daryanani