In school, some of my friends would memorize the textbooks during the summer before they started the next grade. All you had to tell them were the page and paragraph numbers and they could write it word for word. I did not have this ability to memorize in school but, if you asked me the meaning, I could explain the content. Though I did not like reading books, I could remember my teacher’s image, voice, and the teachings when needed. I was fortunate to have a life filled with teachers, especially my spiritual teachers. I may not have been a good student but, I would like to tell all of them, “You did not waste your time, even though I know you wrote in my yearbook, ‘Good luck to your future teachers.’ In every situation, I still feel their presence. God is first my teacher. To all my teachers I would say, “This crazy student of yours feels only reverence and gratitude for putting up with him.”  — Satish Daryanani