Once in a century, we are hit with a virus that transforms our lives completely, like the Coronavirus, Spanish flu, or the Bubonic Plague. The last year gave us a once in a century opportunity to go within and become completely free. Our insignificance is understood. We cannot save others, just ourselves. Our value is controlled by the most valuable One. The thought of us coming back again and again to serve is destroyed. Who are we to serve? We are nothing. A speck that we cannot see showed us that. This new year brings in the new me, and all that I put a value on has no value. All that I have is this limited time for my last hurrah. Now let’s enjoy as much as possible, as we are free from the significance of our lives. The year 2021 can be the year of our rebirth—with a new attitude and perspective in our lives. Goodbye my dear friend, 2020, you have truly served your purpose. — Satish Daryanani