Today, there are many superheroes in movies. We need super-villains to give them competition. A hero is a person who is strong and brave. My heroes are different. They did not defeat many villains, they defeated just one: themselves. Becoming a hero by your brave actions is easy, being a hero by your existence is hard. One hero has no fear of death, the other is already dead. One hero saves lives, the other teaches others how to live. One hero may have superpowers, the other may have the power over his mind to become a zero. One hero can destroy you with his laser eyes, another can melt you with his eyes. We all want to become heroes, to help and save others. We wish we had superpowers to defeat bad guys. Yet, how many would love to have the superpower to remove ignorance from this world? Both heroes are needed, both can inspire us. One entertains me in action movies, the other entertains me with peace and wisdom. Thank God for all the heroes that make my life complete. — Satish Daryanani

Super heroes