Many times, a mad person and a saint are one and the same. A person may say that everything in the world in an illusion, that nothing is real, there is no birth or death, no creator or creation. When someone says these things with conviction, either he gets followers and is considered a saint, or he is considered to be a mad person. He is either showered with flowers or has stones thrown at him. Now, if someone who really understands meets this person, he will not consider him as a saint or a mad person. Instead, he will find someone who has come from the motherland, speaking the same mother tongue. They become instant friends and he does not ask a list of questions like how to calm the mind in meditation or what will happen when I die? They are on the same wavelength—both are longing to go back to their real homes and sharing the stories of their journeys. If we consider someone a saint or a mad person, it is because we have not truly experienced everything they share. When we do, the saint or the mad person will become your best friend.—Satish Daryanani