What is a perfect day? The answer is different for everyone. Most people would say, “If everything goes according to your plan and the end result is perfect in your mind, then that makes it a perfect day.” This, however, does not happen often. So, only a very few days are perfect in our minds. Now, ask yourself, “If things did not go your way, then whose way did it go?” The one who truly has the right answer will say, “Everyday and every second is perfect.” They cannot even remember this perfect day, as every day is the same. The understanding that every atom and every second is already perfect makes your life perfect. The experience you receive daily in silence is perfect, no matter the wavering of the mind. If you live like this, you may lose the excitement of the special perfect day. Believe me, getting that high of once-in-a-while is not better than the daily smooth sailing. You choose to celebrate perfection once in a while or daily. — Satish Daryanani