Make your life like a revolving door. Friends may come and go. Money may come and go. Name, fame, power, and possessions may come and go. You are not affected. There is no one standing by to keep a count of how many came and went. An open door wastes air-conditioning and heating and allows mosquitoes and other bugs to enter as well. A revolving door is energy-efficient and good for the environment. The door of your life is not closed to anyone. Others have to put out a little effort to push the revolving door to enter or leave your life. This is not an automatic revolving door, with too much maintenance expense. This even gives the Lord the choice to extend His grace or to take it back. You are not possessive of anyone or anything. The Lord and the Spiritual Masters can come and go in your life. Even health and sickness can come and go. This way you are not attached to or stuck with these guests. You become a receptionist in your hotel. Welcome all of them and wish them well when they decide to check out. Even if God checks out of your life, wish Him well and say, “See you soon.” So, all those who come into your life and then do a final check-out will not make you sad, as you are used to having guests stay for a short while, not permanently. Have fun with all those who come to enjoy your hospitality. — Satish Daryanani