When I was in the jewelry business, my Spiritual Master came to visit my place of work. He saw the safe and stood by it, and I took a picture. I told him I have double safety: first the safe and second the protection of my Master. He smiled and said, “You are always safe, like in your mother’s womb.” If animals do everything to protect their children, will God not do everything to protect all His children? Nowadays, are texting each other to stay safe. Instead, we should text, “Be aware of how safe we all are.” We can put our valuables in a safe, so as to not tempt others. We all have within ourselves a big safe inside to protect us. The most valuable thing is always protected by this safe within—the certificate of our original birth, the hard drive containing all the information in this world. Unfortunately, we have also locked God in this safe and we have forgotten the combination. Now, we have the free time to find the code. If you want it, I will give it to you. The code is 000. When we become a “zero” the safe opens. The treasures of the universe are revealed. Safes were originally created for that. The jewelry came much later. — Satish Daryanani