I am not talking about people who dress smartly, but people who are intelligent. Sometimes, you will see certain aspects of people who are smart. On the other hand, in basic things, they are not very bright. Each one of us is smart in certain things. On others, we could be average or below average. No one is 100 percent smart or 100 percent dumb. As you work on your mind, slowly, you will see your focus, ability to comprehend, and your memory improve. In time, your mind will be utilized correctly. Like a piston, if clean and greased, will work perfectly with little effort. We do need a sharp mind to grasp everything that we discover and to put them in correct and simple words for others to enjoy. The clutter of the mind has to be removed to get optimal use. Our concerns, worries, attachments, and over thoughts drain our mental batteries. Silence is like using Windex and a cloth to remove all the imprints that have collected on the mind. Slowly, the mind becomes clear, fresh, and recharged. A smart person does not need to know everything, only what is really needed. All that is needed for your specific purpose should be on your fingertips. The rest is junk mail. Know the knower, and all that you need to know, for which you have been created, will happen automatically. — Satish Daryanani