I once went on a three-day trip with my spiritual Master where he gave a talk on the preparation for our final journey, when we leave our bodies. Everyone loved the talk and applauded loudly. The next day I told him that real experience is completely different. He smiled and said, “It is good that everyone does not think like you.” He could not say, “Hey everyone, your desires, attachments, strengths, weaknesses, fears, ignorance, and miseries are with you permanently even after you leave this body. You are stuck with yourself permanently. Your outer shell will drop but your inner core will be the same. The lottery of this human birth is to free us from who we are. There is no other journey after death but what you experience and, you have to reform now. The mathermatics of your karmic account is in the human form only.” There is much more on this subject but, by sugar-coating the truth, people will be able to handle the pill of bitter truth which is hard to swallow. It is not easy being a spiritual Master, as the Master has to balance between the truth and the ability to digest the truth. Satish Daryanani