A. This question is often asked by those in the service industry. Sometimes the answer is quick, “A mimosa.” Sometimes, we take a lot of time to decide. The more choices we have, the more time we take. Imagine if God came to you and asked the same question. Would we give a quick answer or take time to decide? God, too, is in the service industry — trying His best to satisfy us. If you are not sure of the answer, imagine this crazy one, “Lord, I would like to never have You!” God will be confused. He will ask why? “If I have You I will be satisfied. Then, I will want nothing else. If I do not have You, my whole life will be spent in wanting to be with You. Being with You is the greatest joy of my life. Separation from You is the greatest sorrow of my life. Yet, I choose separation so I will do my best to win Your heart. Otherwise, I will get complacent. Separation is my inspiration. So, please come again and again to ask me this same question. This way, I get to see You. If You so desire, end our separation when I take my last breath. It is totally up to You. I am happy either way.” — Satish Daryanani

retro pic of an air hostess serving