Those who are able to see God or their spiritual Masters who are no longer in their physical forms are fortunate. Even the disciples who could see Jesus after He left his physical form, it was because they were receptive. Yet, we want Jesus to come back again in a physical form and restrict Him. He can do much more by being free from the cage of the human form. Once a master-disciple relationship is formed, it is eternal. Be careful who you choose to be stuck with permanently. The guidance is different from the words you hear in the physical vs. the experiences that come with the spiritual form. It is like when you read a spiritual book or listen to a spiritual talk in public, the benefit is meant for everyone. On the other hand, the spiritual guidance is only for you, one on one—a special medical capsule just for you. It heals right away. You, too, will one day realize the freedom once you are free from the prison of this human form. A bird free from the cage, doing anything, being anywhere and serving anyone. So till we reach there, connect with someone who is living your dream. — Satish Daryanani