One of the main teachings of my spiritual Master was to accept. Before accepting God’s will, we must first accept ourselves. All of us have gifts and skills. We are all strings in God’s instrument. We are all needed so God can play the perfect music. No string is useless. Some strings are used more than others but, to get the correct note—you, the string, could be used. Not everyone can be Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, or a doctor helping coronavirus patients. We can admire those who help transform lives, but we are no less. I used to joke with my Masters. I would tell them, “I am as important as You are. Without me, who will You love? Which ignorant person’s questions will You answer? Who will You continuously forgive for his stupidity? I am here to improve Your patience and test Your ego.” This wretched person, too, is needed to make the Masters shine. First, let us accept ourselves before we start accepting all that God does out of His love for each one of us. — Satish Daryanani