Our test comes when we face defeat, whether or not we are able to accept it. We can make excuses that we did not lose. Being around spiritual Masters, you get used to being defeated. They give such wonderful answers that you have to eventually back down. All that you want changes at the moment they tell you what to do. Losing is your best friend, it helps get rid of your ego. Yesterday, I got destroyed while playing tennis and I realized I am getting old. The ego that is proud of your physical abilities is no longer there. When we start forgetting things, our mental ego reduces. We have to accept that our youth, victory, beauty, name, and fame, are not permanent. The only things permanent are our inner experiences. Even that requires acceptance, as what comes is not in your hands. I have to accept these thoughts that come daily. They are not in my control.— Satish Daryanani

Trump figure by Marco Zuppone