Actions and reactions are interconnected. If your actions are of a selfish nature then, automatically when someone says or does something wrong to you, it will immediately upset you. Your ego dominates both your actions and reactions. If your action is an offering to the Lord, then your reactions to what comes to you will be considered as blessings. Actions and reactions are nothing but mirrors in life. If your actions are out of fear, then your reactions, too, will be of fear. If your actions are of a compassionate nature, your reactions, too, will be the same, as you do not wish to hurt anyone. If actions are spontaneous, so will be the reactions. Patience in your actions will teach you patience in your reactions. Regrets of actions will give you regrets in your reactions. The more you control your actions from thoughts, the more it will help you not react irrationally. Only when you get fed up with apologizing all of the time because of your actions and reactions, will you start the habit of pausing before acting or reacting. Is the action worth doing, and is this reaction necessary? I, too, am struggling in this. Hopefully one day the Lord will bless me with the strength to overcome this weakness. — Satish Daryanani

Silver balls hang in action and reaction