To play the part of Gandhi, Lincoln, or any famous person is not easy. You may have to put on or lose weight, put on a lot of make-up, and practice the accent of the person. The audience must feel that you are the character that you are playing, and even cry at the scenes where Gandhi and Lincoln are shot. If done correctly, you may get an Oscar for the best film and best actor. The spiritual Masters who have attained everything from this world, also want this award. They eat your food and make you feel that this is the best dish they have ever eaten. They show you so much love that you will feel they love you the most, that you are the nearest and dearest to them. They play the part of being sick in the hospital, and people actually pray and cry for them to get well. The Master enjoys his performance when the audience reacts. One day, from the depths of silence will come knowing. The knower still has to play his part and let the world feel he is the same. Even though he is awakened, the world must feel he is still a sleeping soul. Then, you too can win an Oscar for that. — Satish Daryanani

Actors on stage