There are those who are afraid to love, as they fear the pain of their hearts will be broken. They have gone through experiences where someone took advantage of their love. Those who have had their trust broken do not trust again easily. It is good that you go through these experiences. Now let’s see if you can love and can trust again. This comes from a forgiving and compassionate heart. God’s love and trust is broken every second, yet He continues to love. If you are afraid to love and trust, you are afraid to live. Your life is no better than a granite stone. Love and trust are the first and last names of God. God is the middle name. You lose so many opportunities without love and trust. So start with God. Even if He has broken your heart and trust, forgive Him. He has 8 billion customers, so mistakes can happen. One day His so-called mistake will end up benefiting you. Then, one by one, you can slowly start loving and trusting people. Even though there will still be those who may hurt you, do not be afraid to love. Human beings are created to break us. Let them not win. Get even with those who break your heart by giving even more love to everyone.— Satish Daryanani

Broken heart held by caring hands