After indulging in alcohol, some people speak the truth, some get happy, some get depressed, some open up their hearts, some loosen up, and others remain unaffected. Alcohol lowers our guard. We suffer hangovers and then regret our actions that result from losing our minds. Now imagine you have the freedom to put your guard down without alcohol, speak what your heart desires, get bubbly, have no worries, and just enjoy the moments of being with your friends and family in a carefree manner. We do not need alcohol to enjoy, as we have the freedom to do what we want. I gave up alcohol for 13 years, and I am never the slave of its influence. I drink for the taste of lychee, chocolate, tiramisu, mandarin, and pomegranate martinis. These wonderful flavors give me the high from which, later, there are no regrets—except for over my waistline. So, enjoy everything, as long as you never give up being the master of your mind.— Satish Daryanani