Some may or may not agree with the wording of these thoughts that are sent. I, too, often disagreed with my spiritual Masters. As I grew in understanding and reflected on the teachings, I realized my mistake. Everything that was told to me was for my good and was absolutely correct. So, how do we know if something is correct and if our disagreements are only due to our limited capacity to comprehend? The “I” in us is strong, so it’s not easy to accept without logic. Start with small tests. See if the teachings are helping you. Then, spend time thinking from different angles before disagreeing. See if the thought will make you humble, more efficient, and have more devotion. If not, it is ok to disagree now. One day, I promise you will laugh at all your disagreements. Ponder this point today: People climb Mount Everest, go to the North or South Pole, go deep-cave diving, swim the English Channel, or take on other great challenges. This is because we are driven by challenges. Yet, all the above challenges combined are nothing compared to the greatest challenge of all—overcoming the challenge of the lower self. It is the only reason disagreements in the teachings occur. The lower self does not want to give up the throne. — Satish Daryanani

Mt Everest