If we are all the spirit then why are our hearts and minds different? Not only are we all different, our hearts and minds are also not synchronized. Our hearts would like to do something, and our minds, the opposite. Mind discriminates, it can judge, analyze, and is dominated by the ego. The heart does things out of compassion, it is controlled by our love and feelings. In certain things, the mind and heart should work together—for example, when it comes to service, forgiveness, longing for the Lord. Listening only to the mind makes you inhuman. Listening only to the heart can get you in trouble. You can spoil your children and lose money on bad decisions. The mind should process what comes from the heart and work together with it so you do not have to go through extremes in life. Your heart will break easily from the world, so the mind helps you deal with that pain. When it comes to my beloved Master, however, it is only the heart that works. My mind is discarded, thrown in the dustbin. I obey Him completely, without analyzing what is said. Father knows best. So use both wisely.—Satish Daryanani

brain heart balance illustration