The high school that I attended was called All Saints High School. We were all so mischievous that none of us could be called saints. Maybe the name was chosen to tell us that we are all saints in the making. Actually, we are all saints, as we are made in the image of the greatest Saint of all. We are lost in the woods and we need a guide to bring us out of the forest of darkness. If everyone was a saint, the guides would lose their jobs and have nothing to entertain themselves. The fun of being parents is when they enjoy the ignorance from the  innocence of a child. When children grow up, they think they know everything and everything becomes argumentative. If I were a saint, my spiritual Masters would have lost their best friend. I gave them a purpose to live. Once you believe you are a saint you will have no motivation to evolve. Others may see you as saint but you know that you are still a seeker. For me, a saint is anyone who can put up with me and have not yet killed me. My job is not to be a saint but to rub and scrub others and bring out the sleeping sainthood within them. Satish Daryanani