We hear about these deals on the TV show, “Shark Tank,” and also from high-pressured salespeople. I was one of them, so I know. We want people to make decisions right away or lose the opportunity. Spiritual Masters make much better offers, but they give us lifetimes to decide. We are so stupid that we miss the real opportunity in life. But the Masters do not back out from their offer of God-realization and give us as much time as we need to decide to accept their gift. Spiritual Masters may have as few as one customer in their lives, yet they keep trying. Selling something that our five senses cannot experience is hard. On top of that, it is free, so naturally, people do not say yes right away. There is no material gain nor can others know your negotiating skills. The benefit takes a long time to surface. If God came and said, “I offer you salvation right now, but you have to decide right away or lose this opportunity forever,” maybe a few would accept. Instead, He wants our decision to come from our free will, after we get fed up with taking the weight of the world on our shoulders. — Satish Daryanani