The first anniversaries of the death of our loved ones are the hardest. We only remember the good moments we had with them. We forget the arguments and disagreements we had. Even when couples are contemplating divorce, if one partner dies, the other feels miserable. I pray that when I pass on, please remember my anger and how I roasted everyone—then there is no pain and I am no longer troubling anyone. So, use this as a lesson. Enjoy the good, bad, and ugly while people are alive. There is no point in missing them when they are gone. Look on the positive side. Your loved ones are not sick any more. There are no more fights, only love and blessings for them. You can only have gratitude for the wonderful things they have done for you. My Spiritual Master left His body. There is now no need to go early to get a good seat close to Him. I do not have to go to India twice a year. I do not have to worry whether He gives me a look and a smile. I am free from all that. Now, you can think of your loved ones whenever you want. You can talk to them privately, seek their guidance when you need it. Learn all the dos and don’ts from their lives. But, crying and being miserable is not helping anyone. Know that you, too, have limited time. Use it well. — Satish Daryanani

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