Some answers come easily. For others you have to search the ends of the earth to find them. My shortcut was to get the answers from my spiritual Masters. In time, you will find that you need no one, as all the answers are within you. I asked why I came back in this human form. I was eating a delicious chocolate and the answer came, “to enjoy this very chocolate.” It’s simple and yet, this answer is the answer for everything in life. We do everything because we want to enjoy. Even to be miserable is because people get joy out of misery. We want answers to the questions that disturb us. Every breath is taken because we want to live. If we stop running after temporary happiness there will be no more questions or answers. For fun let’s ask the last question: how do we stop running after happiness? It is when we get tired that we stop running and discover that happiness is a by product of peace. If your peace is not disturbed, you will be permanently happy.Satish Daryanani