If this answer was yes, then everyone would want the coronavirus and wish to die. In the Hebrew language, they toast,  “Le Chaim,” which means, “To life,” and not “To death.” Only in the human form can we experience God, peace, and joy. A simple thing, like sugar, can be tasted in a human form. That does not mean that after we leave this body we will be miserable. We are in a better place when we kill our ego, not the body. We experience our true self, the real “I.” The removal of ignorance and experiencing wisdom is being alive. You now live in a new place of light and peace. In a way, you are in a better place. Humility comes when the finite mind merges with the infinite. The word “death” is misunderstood. It occurs in order to be in a better place. That is why some celebrate Easter more than Christmas. It is the rebirth. We, too, should experience Easter in our lives. Then we can claim that life is truly better after death. — Satish Daryanani

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