When I was young, I used to arm wrestle. I was good at it and won most of the time. Yesterday, someone asked me, “Have you experienced any of your previous lives?”
If I look at just some of the stupid things I have done in this life, like arm wrestling, I wonder how many other stupid things I must have done in my past lives. Trying to prove my physical strength to boost my ego, trying to forgive and forget all those who took advantage of me in this birth are hard enough, now I will have to worry about all the past births. Losing and missing my loved ones in this birth is enough pain. Learning from all my mistakes in this birth is already a challenge. The game of dominoes of all my past births has brought me to where I am today. Let me enjoy this moment and, if anything, I look forward to what is going to come. I am grateful for all my past experiences, which have brought me to the correct point I am at right now. Overall, the past has served its purpose by bringing me to the top of the world now. — Satish Daryanani