I asked a child, in fun, “Can I use your scooter?” The answer was no. When the question is changed to, “Can you teach me to ride your scooter?” Immediately, the answer came, “Yes.” We can get the results we want if we use the art of speaking. This is very important for spiritual Masters, as they have to sugar coat the bitter truth. No matter what, only God’s will ever takes place.  You can say you will do your best as an offering to the Lord and let happen whatever happens from the loving hands of the Lord.  Even God will fall for how we present Him with our obstacles if we put the teaching out differently: “Lord, you know my situation and it is for my good. Now I have learned the lesson, so I do not wish to cause You any more pain from watching me suffer. I am hurting more from what You are going through rather than from my challenges. Let’s move on to a new lesson. I got what I had to learn from this experience I am going through.” God will fall for it. — Satish Daryanani

President Barak Obama