There are so many astrologers in the world, yet not one could predict and warn us about the virus. If they knew and did not do anything about it, that would be the biggest crime. My astrologers were my spiritual Masters. They told me everything I needed to know for my spiritual growth. My dream was to take them to Las Vegas and tell me on which number to bet. That dream never came true. One day, while I was sitting in silence, I wanted to test an issue in the future. I was in deep peace and the answer that came was, “The future is the same—Peace.” I got the answer. The result of the future will not disturb my peace. What else can be a better answer than that? So, astrologers should be used only to ask, “When will I experience deep inner peace permanently?” Once you get that, astrologers will only be in your memory. — Satish Daryanani