Where is the line where these two oceans meet? Where is the line in the sky where two nations claim the airspace? Where is the line in the sheet of ice in the North Pole that countries fight over oil rights? In religion and in spiritual organizations, where is the line in the Lord’s teachings and the service of the needy? The Ocean is nothing but water. We give it different names. The creator is one. We give it different names and forms. My religion, my non-profit organization, my Master. The core teaching of all the spiritual Masters is the same, just put in different words with different flavors. All want you to discover the truth, find inner peace, and see the Divine in everything. This way, you live for the sake of others. Who runs the organization, what name is used, who is the spiritual representative is meaningless. As long as the teachings are being spread, the rest does not matter. Separation comes from fear and ignorance of our mind. Unity comes from the wisdom of seeing nothing but the One. – Satish Daryanani

Sunrise on Planet Earth