Even from a scientific or technical standpoint we find that this kind of communion or communication is possible only when two things are attuned to the same level. Let’s look at an example of this from our daily life. When you turn on the radio as you drive to work in the morning, where does the news or music come from? The sounds may emanate from the actual radio, but where do they originate? They come from a radio station that is broadcasting the sounds at a particular frequency.

Now, imagine that you want to receive music from a particular radio station that has a setting of 99.5. What would you need to do? You have to tune your radio to the same wave length of that radio station. So, if the radio station is broadcasting at 99.5, you can’t tune the radio to 100.1 and get the music you want. If the radio wave you want to pick up is set for 99.5, your radio should be exactly tuned to 99.5.

In other words, the transmitting wave length and the receiving wave length should be symmetrical. If you even move a little bit—to 99 or 99.9 you may get a little side vibrations or interference. You will not get the correct, exact, static-free music. If you tune half a degree difference this way or that way, you will miss the music.

Now, keeping this analogy in mind let us understand God as the Cosmic transmitting station. God transmits in various wavelengths just as the radio station transmits various music in various meters. God’s meters are purity, beauty, love, compassion, peace. God is graceful, so grace is transmitted through one channel and through another channel knowledge may be transmitted. On another channel beauty is transmitted and on yet another channel prosperity is transmitted. God is constantly transmitting. And if you want to receive the transmissions, you have to tune your heart radio to that wavelength. Only then you can receive it. Only then is there real communication or communion.

God transmits love equally to one and all. Just like a big broadcasting station transmits its’ news, its’ weather, its sports, its’ music equally to all who tune in. The radio doesn’t discriminate between a poor person or a rich person, a black person or a white person, a college dropout or a graduate. The radio waves can go everywhere. But who is able to receive the transmissions? Those who have a receiving set. And moreso, those who tune the receiving set to the same wavelength.

How is God transmitting love? In a cosmic way—it’s on a cosmic frequency. And if you want to receive this love where would you tune your heart? To the same frequency. What would that frequency be? It would be the frequency of a cosmic person, an unlimited person. That means don’t limit yourself with your selfishness. Love all equally. Embrace all unconditionally. When you remove all your limitations and become unlimited then you receive God.

Out of our ignorance we have limited ourselves and we have convinced ourselves that only by acquiring things we can be happy. We need to shed this ignorance. Understand your original true identity as the image of God. That’s what you call God-realization or Self-realization. That’s when you become pure. When you are not defining yourself, you become infinite like God. Until then we limit ourselves and thus we are finite beings. But anything that would make us finite should be shed. Then you are able to communicate with infinite God.

Even communion is possible only when you raise yourself to that level. Every impurity is a limitation in your life. Every identification is a limitation. How do we limit ourselves? We identify with only our bodies and minds. When you forget you are more than your body and your mind, you limit yourself. You think, “Oh, I am this, I am that. I’m only this, I’m only that.” You seldom say, “I am all.” You forget that essentially you are the image of God.

Even the good identifications are limitations if you forget your true Self. How many people get so carried away and overly identified by their positions, titles, accomplishments, and so on. You may be proud of all these things and that is wonderful. At the same time you should recognize that you are more than the sum of all your parts. Remember, there is a good reason why we are known as human beings rather than human doings.

When you recognize that spark of the Divine in you, the unlimited in you, you will be careful not to disturb that purity in you. Only when you are that pure are you called a blessed person. Only then you can see God. Why? Because God is pure. If you want to experience God you have to be pure. With your impurity you cannot experience something pure. But unfortunately, in the case of many of us, we seem to bargain, “God, I cannot come to Your level of purity. Why don’t you come to my level of impurity?” That is not the way to approach God. With humility and devotion, you can ask for help: “God, I seem to be at a lower level and cannot reach You. Please help me to find my purity and raise up to that level.” God may respond and say, “I’ll come down and lift you up so you may walk with Me.” And that is how we can transcend our limitations.

It is possible for us to receive all God’s bounty—all health and happiness, peace and joy—because God is all that. Have you ever seen God writing a note to say, “Oh, sorry, I cannot be in the church today because I’m terribly depressed and unhappy. Things just aren’t working out for me, so I can’t make it today.” Have you ever heard God complain about anything? Have you heard God say, “I’m just miserable. What am I going to do? My children keep fighting with each other, they can’t seem to learn how to love one another. I am really disturbed. I don’t know why I have this kind of family.” No, God never complains to you. God is the great acceptor. God accepts everyone, “Okay, it’s My creation. They’re all My children. Some are naughty, some are good. Let them learn by their own mistakes. I accept everything.” God blesses everybody equally.” God gives energy to the police to catch the thief. And God gives energy to the thief to run from the police.

And that is the reason why God is still happy. Imagine that you are the father or mother of a family of three children. How frantic do you become sometimes a as you strive to manage all the family conflicts? Imagine the challenge of parenting the cosmic family! Constantly we, the family of God, find various ways to fight. We forget we are all children of one God. We tend to think, “What is wrong with that fellow? Look at her, she is so weird?” We seldom look for the commonalities. We forget how beautiful it can be to enjoy the diversity of creation. Instead, we divide people and fight in the name of race, religion, language, country and what-not. It’s lucky we don’t divide ourselves into countries by what we eat: only those who enjoy pasta can live in Italy and only those who like Chinese food can live in China. This is how nonsensical our fights between peoples, nations, and religions must seem to God.

The Bible solves the whole problem with one commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That is what. Share what you have with everyone. Care for everybody because God cares for you. If you call God as the Creator, then you must believe that God created everything. That makes everybody your family, right? They are all your brothers and sisters and we are a universal brother- and sisterhood.

– Swami Satchidananda

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