When Stephen King writes books, they are horror stories. Tom Clancy’s books have to do with the CIA. J. K. Rowling’s books have to do with magic. What you think of is what the authors write about. I love my spiritual Masters, sports, business, and movies, so these thoughts pertain to those topics. The subjects on which our minds focus determine our strengths and weaknesses. Our minds are so vast that they have the capacity to process subjects. Yet, all will find that one subject becomes predominant. You can become consumed by it. Be careful on what you choose to become a slave to. I thank my Masters for making themselves so predominant in my life that everything else takes a back seat. I still have a very large variety pack of things that consume my mind. Yet, when I think of my Masters, all else disappears in a split second. Enjoy everything that comes from your mind, but find that one thing that you love so much that everything else becomes meaningless.— Satish Daryanani

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