We go to auto shows to see all the fancy cars as well as the new concepts that are not going to be on sale. People sit in expensive cars dreaming of the day they can buy them. We take a lot of pictures standing with our dream car. Whenever I see the cars, I recall the different memories and stories I had with my spiritual Masters pertaining to certain cars. One story stands out: I was with my Master in Paris looking at the Smart car. It was not available in the USA at that time. We tried our best to bring it to the USA but, after all our efforts, we could not do so. My Master dropped the subject and never discussed it again. I was upset that we had wasted half a day in Paris for nothing. I was still holding onto the Smart car in my mind. My Master behaved as if the whole incident had not taken place. My lesson was to put all the effort into something I want and, if it does not happen, drop it like a hot potato as if it did not exist. There’s no use holding on to it, no benefit. So, whenever things do not go my way, even though it may be for a good cause, drop it and let go as if it never happened. This goes for past relationships, losses in your life, any experience whether physical or mental that has wounded you, or all the things that you tried to achieve and failed. The ultimate car in this auto show of your life is the priceless one—your body. Peace is the fuel that makes your physical vehicle run smoothly on this highway of life. — Satish Daryanani

Auto Show