I got up very early today and wanted to experience instant grace. I got a jolt and wanted to analyze the experience after that. Imagine a steel ball hanging from a string and continuously moving, like a pendulum, back and forth. In a fraction of a split second, someone held the steel ball. All movement stopped instantly. That is your mind when all movement is stopped by instant grace and you can enjoy instant peace and wisdom. With this instant clear mind, you get to experience the reflection of God, then you realize you are back to square one. You have already had the experience. One form of grace is instant and shortlived, the other takes time with austerities and grace and is lasting. Now which is better? I prefer the steel ball slowly coming to a standstill, the mind slowly coming to a point of equanimity. It takes years but is more fun. In both cases, the final experience is the same. Getting a flash of instant awakening may be the desire of some people. The slow journey of going back to square one has its own charm. In the end, both experience the same thing, which is nothing.— Satish Daryanani

pendulum being held up