We carry so much baggage that, sometimes, we have to put some in storage. I need my special pillow, slippers, supplements, toiletries, oils, and a lot of other stuff. When I was young, I was not attached to all these. Being a Boy Scout, I could survive with little, as I had to carry everything on my shoulders. Now the valets in the hotels carry everything for me, so my attachments have increased. We carry so much load on our shoulders that we do not use the real valet we all have—God. We do not even have to tip Him. Yet we want to be Boy Scouts carrying everything in our backpacks. Thank God I am not a lover of shoes or handbags, or that, too, will increase my load. Our bags are filled with branded goods like Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others that we own. Our baggage tag should have the number 1417, as we have at least that many unfulfilled desires. Now, if you leave them all to the valet, God, we will have empathy for Him carrying the load. He is, after all, the love of our lives. We will automatically fill our bags with less so He will have to carry less. I will still put one attachment in my bag—my pillow. It is light and easy to carry. At least let Him carry a few of my necessities so He remains in shape carrying a little of my load. This way He will think of me as a small pain in the His butt. He will give me a bag-tag so I can claim my baggage. The number will be 666–the little devil who keeps troubling Him. — Satish Daryanani

Baggage tag 1417