I was not created to be the next Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, or Rockefeller. I was created to be just me, a blunt, rusty saw, teaching others what not to be. I’m not trying to be a Master or a Guru. The Lord made each and every one perfect in His plan. We are influenced by celebrities, and people want to be like one of them. Stefan Curry did not try to be like Michael Jordan. Now, everyone is trying to copy his style of playing. Elon Musk, the owner of the car company, Tesla, did not try to copy Ford or Toyota. People like to copy others. Make your own mark in the world so people try to emulate you, not the other way around. The real fun in life is when others copy your ideas. Do not get upset if they do. Be glad that you are the creative one. I am inspired by great souls who have achieved things in their human forms. At least I can put in my effort. You should never look down upon yourself, as only you can limit yourself. Be bold, come up with new ideas. These thoughts are not to copy anyone, but to bring a new perspective to the same truth. You be you and let nothing change that, no matter what the world says. You may hear that you are good for nothing and will not amount to much. Yet, there is a purpose that only you can fill. Find it by being yourself. Only you can perform it perfectly. — Satish Daryanani

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