A hollow bamboo stick is of no value. Once you make holes in the stick, it becomes a flute. Then the Lord can use it, and music comes from the flute. The flute is touching the lips of the Lord. Music can heal others, make them smile, and dance to the Lord’s tune. The flute becomes a perfect instrument, being controlled by the breath of the Lord. All you have to do is become holy. The hollow bamboo stick has to be drilled to make the holes. Similarly, we too have to go through the pain of the drilling. Our attachments, desires, and egos have to be removed from the hollow stick. Then the holes are created. Becoming a stick makes you a holy flute, as you are now useful, spreading the music of peace and wisdom. Connected permanently with the lips of the Lord. People see this and start calling you a holy person. All you did was to remove the unwanted aspects of your life and let the Divine breath flow through you. — Satish Daryanani

Lord Krishna playing his flute