Most people want to become bosses, yet being a boss comes with a lot of responsibilities. The first ones are taking care of the employees, paying them on time, and keeping your promises to them. Many times, bosses do not see things from the employees’ point of view. They think they are giving them money so they own them. We go to restaurants, stores, and other businesses where we may never meet the owner. If the employees do not treat us correctly, we will never go there again. The bosses should realize they are working for the Boss of all. The same God made them, their employees, vendors, and customers. So they are only the caretakers for the One who owns all the businesses. If you do not do a good job, you too can get fired by going out of business. So, bosses, you have a lot of responsibilities. The employees only have to deal with one boss. You have to deal with so many employees. Good luck. — Satish Daryanani

Employees with Female Boss